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good bones

In 1840, a man by the name of Major Noble immigrated from Europe to Chicago. Three years later, he acquired 160 acres of land, in which he opened a tavern on. In 1922, John A. Klemundt bought said property and opened Klemundt Funeral Home; a high volume funeral parlor which operated until 2001.


In 2003, Richie "Tapeworm" Herrera turned what was once a place for mourning, into a place of celebration. This became Odin Tatu, a home for Tapeworm until 2006, when unfortunate circumstances struck and he passed away. with heavy hearts, his friends and family came together and decided to keep richie's dream alive and re-open the shop as Old Town Tatu, which stays open to this day. Our mission is to  carry on the legacy of our good friend & fellow tattooer, Richie.

Come get tattooed at this amazing Chicago historical landmark today!

haunting history

At Old Town Tatu, we embrace our peculiar history. From the moment you step in, you'll feel the eerie ambiance- you may even experience some strange occurrences. Our shop was once one of the oldest running funeral homes in chicago, and we think some spirits of the deceased remain. Our artists create exceptional work in a setting that is both intriguing and unforgettable. We invite you to come by and experience the truly unique tattooing experience that only Old Town Tatu can offer. 

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Richie "Tapeworm" Herrera was the original owner of Old Town Tatu (formerly Odin Tatu). He was a kind man with a huge heart. His outstanding personality and crazy ways will be missed. He will be forever loved & in our hearts.

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