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A professional piercer with a steady hand & a precise eye who’s been working in Chicago since 2020. With a focus on cleanliness & attention to detail, she provides a safe and comfortable piercing experience. Dizzy is also very informative on proper aftercare to ensure a speedy and healthy healing process.

Blinding Diamonds


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stella w.

Dizzy was very friendly as well as knowledgeable about her line of work. She was very quick and efficient when doing my piercing yet she still took her time and made sure I was satisfied with the result. Would certainly recommend her to anyone looking to get a piercing done as she takes precaution when piercing, follows safety guidelines and is more than happy to answer questions. My piercing looks dope. 10/10.

Graceful H.

I got my septum & earlobes pierced by Izzy, and they turned out great! She was so accommodating to rescheduling and a lovely, lovely person in communication & in person. I'll be coming back next time I want to get a new piercing.:)

Nawal N.

Pierced my ears several times with Dizzy, coming back for a couple more as well! She's professional and keeps you calm as you go through the procedure
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